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FG Wilson @ Work

  • FG Wilson P880E being lifted onto ship in Valparaiso
    This is a collection of pictures taken of FG Wilson Generators at work in Latin America and the Caribbean.

FG Wilson @ Work - More Generator Installations

  • Diesel_generator_installation17
    More photographs of FG Wilson generator installations in Latin America and the Caribbean

FG Wilson Generator Service and Training

  • FG Wilson Control System training at Regional Training Center
    This is a collection of FGW Latin America & Caribbean dealer service and training photos.

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Cristian Tapia

Hi, my name is Cristian Tapia we use an movil generator FG wilson and we have a problem in the front panel linkme a red alarm the reason is "engine speed sensor" but we can not shutdown this alarm, please help me


Dear we are using 88KVA generator, from last few days it goes down, with the increase of load. there is no rise in temperature. cylencer is red hot. we have done the service according to the manual. even checked the frequency board from the market. we dont know, why with increase of load, it speeds up with more rpm to bear the load?


thanks for sharing this info ..
and also, we must save electricity to help save our planet.. we humans are seriously wasting away our resources.

another way of saving electricity is:
once you turn off the computer ( at home or office ) to turn off the main power also.



the generator is a 500kv generator and the load the it carries less than 100kv. it is used for electricity when there is power outage from the public source.


i am about to test a generator with load bank, when i press first button of load bank,
the load bank shows 11-kva but the generator shows no load
the other buttons shows for both.

ali jawad

I have a 450Kva FG wilson generator. I am facing a problem of my genset overheating the turbo becomes red hot and automatically shuts off. i will appreciate any help.

Aamir Wasti

Im using perkins 4000 series 730 kva set. the problem im fcing is that it is throwing 02-03 ltrs of engine oil from its blowby by gas pipe on initial startup, after runing few minutes it comes to normal. plz suggest what is the problem.


hi, I have a FG wilson generator ,model no: P250H2/P275HE2. I am facing problem when i connect 150 KVA load the the exhaust pipes of engine cylinder which becomes very hot and it likes burning iron (red color).Thats why i can not connect load more then 150 KVA, but the generator capacity is 275KVA (standby). Please give a suggestion to overcome the problem.

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