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FG Wilson @ Work

  • FG Wilson P880E being lifted onto ship in Valparaiso
    This is a collection of pictures taken of FG Wilson Generators at work in Latin America and the Caribbean.

FG Wilson @ Work - More Generator Installations

  • Diesel_generator_installation17
    More photographs of FG Wilson generator installations in Latin America and the Caribbean

FG Wilson Generator Service and Training

  • FG Wilson Control System training at Regional Training Center
    This is a collection of FGW Latin America & Caribbean dealer service and training photos.

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kweku Ewusie -Mensah

Hello. I have a 100 kva FG Wilson generator. Grounding or earthing was not done during the installation. Can this send high voltages to the electronic equipment it serves? And also can the power wizard shut the generator down when it experiences high voltages.

solomon cheatham

I have a P220 HE generator and it keeps throwing a fault- Gen control not in auto warning. I can delete it but it keeps coming back. What is the fix for this? Thanks


I want to buy power wizard panel 1.0
Pl send your price asap.If so i can order now.

steven hawk

I have a P220 HE generator and it keeps throwing a fault- Gen control not in auto warning. What is the fix for this? Thanks

joseph feuwo

hi our company is ims sarl we repair generator and sell the spares parts pls can u supply to us power wizard 1.0

jatto ehis

Hello I have a 27kva gen set button control .it often mix diesel and oil together after working for few minute , all effort to stop didn't work out. Thanks and waiting for your responds

jatto ehis

Please how can we time 250kva power wizard to zero,it often takes time before it will stop and consume lots of diesel. It belogs to my company winrock engineering services nig ltd. Thanks

muataz talib mohsin

we have a perkins engine with 250kva.... but when do we turn it on after like a 15 minutes its goes down and we dont know why it doesn't appears to us in the screen...can u tell us why???



We have a gen with a power wizard 1.0 panel that displays a present SPN167 FMI 17 code. The battery is charged at 12.8. How do we correct it.


Peter De Villiers

What do I look for? the display says stopped, how do I reset or remove the alarm? I am about 120km from the site and would hate come there and find the solution simple. Would like the client to reset fault

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